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Membership Programs for Seniors, Women & Boomers

Affinity Health Plus, Inc., helps organizations like hospitals, senior living communities and banks to build loyalty and membership programs that attract targeted customer groups including seniors, women, and boomers.

Affinity Health Plus, Inc., offers a turnkey solution to your membership and loyalty programming needs. You will receive everything you need to effectively move your target audience to your organization or facility and become the market leader in your areas of expertise. Affinity Health Plus will provide you with the three key components required to make this move to the top of your competitive landscape:

  1. The tools needed to efficiently operate a complex multi-faceted program with minimal staff and expense.

  2. The knowledge required to tie your programming to the organization's strategic plan and to provide ongoing, quantified, value-added results to that mission. This will allow you to justify your programming to senior management and build executive team support for growing your program as well.

  3. Power -- to quickly become the market leader in your area.

Why Affinity Programs

An effective membership program is more than a series of education events and social activities. Membership Programs are a strategic arm of your organization’s mission. They are used to open new market areas, build name awareness, build a strong customer base, and move new customers to your facilities and services.

Your membership program must not only provide needed services to your targeted audience, it must promote your name, your services, and your facilities at every point. If your facility does not offer muscular-skeletal services, then why are you providing education programs on healthy knees and hips?

An effective membership program keeps the organization's mission in front of everything they do. Affinity Health Plus will help you focus your efforts and direct your membership base.

Commitment to Success

Affinity Health Plus’ affinity program solution builds your bottom line and supports your corporate strategies and initiatives through proven products. Our benchmarking tools measure your progress based on your organization’s definition of success. We can give you the ability to reach your goals and become the market leader whether you are aiming to:

  • Increase service line business

  • Generate interest for your programs

  • Increase foundation giving

  • Increase program membership

  • Influence the political environment

  • Or more effectively serve your community

Affinity Health Plus offers you more than a product or service. We are committed to your success and the health and wellness of your community.

When it comes to building relationships with your target audiences, Affinity Health Plus is a partner that you can trust. No one can provide you with better insight, tools, programs, or products.

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